Cambridge Cambourne 10k Race Rules

In entering the race you agree to the following:

  • To abide by the requirements of the current edition of the UKA rules for competition.
  • To park only on the Business Park as directed by the marshals.
  • If needed, to use only the race toilets.
  • To collect your race number and chip from the Marketing Office at Cambourne Business Park, or in the marquee next to it, at the times declared by the race organisers.
  • To ensure your number is securely fastened on your front so that the number is visible.
  • To write medical details and emergency contact details on the back of your number.
  • If you wish to leave your kit in the baggage tent, to write your race number on a baggage tag and tie it to your bag.  Tags will be available with race numbers.
  • To line up at the start in the area marked for your expected finishing time.
  • Not to run with earphones as you may not hear instructions given by the marshals or in an emergency.  The race is run under UKA rules and this requirement is set out in rule 240.  Runners who do not abide by this rule do so at their own risk and will have no recourse if problems arise due to the use headphones.
  • Not to run with dogs or baby buggies.
  • To note that the course is mostly off road on bridle ways and gravel paths and to be aware of uneven ground caused by horses and rabbits.
  • To note that the Race Information Point is at the Marketing Suite on the Business Park.
  • To arrange to meet loved ones/team mates on the opposite side of the lake from the finish and not in the finish area.
  • To agree that your image may be included in publicity and other photographs connected with the event.  The organisers will not use any images of children without specific permission in addition to the agreement requested here.
  • To note that if you need to withdraw from the race and you know someone who would like your place, we are able to arrange transfer of numbers until the date declared by the race organisers. Please email and note that transferring numbers without going through the official system is not allowed.
  • To note that entry fees cannot be refunded, nor can we help you to arrange any re-imbursement for transferred entries.
  • Whilst the organisers will take all reasonable steps to ensure the safety of runners, to confirm that you run the race at your own risk.

Relay Rules.  In addition to the rules above, the following apply to the runners in the relay:

  • Runners must make their own arrangements to travel to and from the changeover point. There is a car park at the changeover point.
  • Second leg runners must wait for changeover in the designated area at the 5k changeover point.
  • Teams must decide who is the first leg runner and second leg runner. Runners must wear their numbers according to the leg they will be running.
  • Runners must run with the baton which contains the race chip.
  • If a relay runner is unable to compete, it is permissible for the other team member to compete as an individual but this must be agreed in advance so that the race results are accurately recorded. Failure to notify the race organisers in advance will result in disqualification.

I agree to abide by the rules set out above.