The Cambridge Cambourne 10K is run entirely by volunteers on a non-profit basis. When the Cambridge Cambourne 10k started eight years ago it was decided that any surplus from the race should be donated to a local charity.  We try to choose a relatively small charity for whom our donation can make a significant difference and, in return, the charity helps out on race day – along with a dedicated team of helpers from Cambridge & Coleridge Athletic Club, members of the local Cadet Force and local school PTAs – by providing marshals. Our nominated charity for the 2017 event is Maggie’s Wallace Centre (read more below). 

Over the years we have made donations to EACH, Anna’s HopeTeenage Cancer Trust, Red Balloon Learner CentresCam SightCambridge city FoodbankJimmy’s Cambridge and Papworth Trust.

This partnership arrangement continues to work well and one of the real pleasures of organising the race is meeting and working alongside the staff and volunteers of our nominated charities.  These are special people and seeing them at work, hearing their stories and learning more about what they do is a humbling experience.

So, as we look forward to welcoming all the runners for the 2017 race, we remember not only the hundreds of smiling faces of the spectators and the competitors as they cross the finishing line but also the warmth, humility and friendship which our charity workers bring and the huge respect and admiration we have for them.

2016 main charity: Maggie’s Wallace Centre 
Registered charity number: SC024414

Maggie’s Wallace Centre is a charity that provides free practical, emotional and social support to people with cancer, their family and friends, from diagnosis throughout living with the affects after cancer. Maggie’s has been providing high quality, evidence-based support for over 4 years in the local area.  We help people to achieve the best possible state of psychological and physical health during diagnosis, treatment and throughout their cancer journey. People across Cambridgeshire and beyond can come to Maggie’s as any stage of their cancer journey, for as long or as little as they like.  We believe that the built and natural environments in which people are cared for have a direct impact on well being and how a person responds to the challenge of cancer. Our Centre is staffed by Cancer Support Specialists, Benefits Advisor, Nutritionist, therapists and Psychologist who can support people in whichever way best suit their needs. Maggie’s Wallace Centre is a place to find practical advice about benefits and eating well; a place where qualified experts provide emotional support; a place to meet other people or simply to sit quietly with a cup of tea.

Fiona, Maggie’s Wallace Centre visitor, said: Maggie’s did so much, in so many ways. This is a place I would go to for a break to get away from the constant hospital appointments – some days I could have five on one day and rarely did I get a week off. So it was a welcome break to be able to sit in a welcoming, safe, friendly and supportive environment away from stark hospital waiting rooms. I even had my NHS wig fitting here!

 Helen, Maggie’s Wallace Centre visitor, said: ‘The opportunity to come to Maggie’s helped me to build my confidence back. The best thing about Maggie’s is the fact that I can just come in for tea, coffee and some healthy but also naughty snacks and talk to people at the kitchen table. You meet lots of new people, make friends and talk to people in similar situation. Here you gain back the control of your life.’

c&c logoAlso supporting: Cambridge & Coleridge Athletics Trust
Registered charity number: 1129910

The Cambridge & Coleridge Athletics Trust supports athletes in Cambridge & South Cambridgeshire, helping to provide the best facilities, training and equipment to everyone who wishes to take part in athletics.